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RotopaX Tank Holder

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You supply the RotopaX Tank, we’ll make hauling it even easier. Grab a SeaSucker RotopaX Tank Holder, powered by two 6″ SeaSucker mounts, and easily attach your existing tank and hardware. Put your tanks on when you need them, remove in seconds when you don’t! SeaSucker’s RotopaX Tank Holder is compatible with any RotopaX tank up to three gallons. No matter what you’re hauling, SeaSucker will make your next overlanding adventure easier.

RotopaX tank and hardware are not included.

  • Designed to hold any RotopaX tank up to 3 gallons.
  • It is recommended that you mount the RotopaX Tank Holder on a vertical surface (back glass on SUV, side window of van) with the mounts stacked vertically.

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