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Heavy Duty Rod Holder

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Whether your boat has 30 rods holders or none at all, this unit should be on your radar (not LITERALLY on your radar, that would be dumb). If you’re a 30-rod-holder person, mount the Heavy Duty Rod Holder on your console, bait well, transom, etc. (but not on your radar because we’ve already firmly established that that would be dumb). If your boat doesn’t have any rod holders, put this in your cart and check out right now because no rod holders is no bueno.

This unit has a removable pin in the bottom to accommodate long-butt spinning rods or leave it in to handle conventional rods with gimbaled rod butts.

Q: What are the pins on some of your rod holders for?
A: The pins help keep gimballed rod butts in place. The slots in the butt sit on the pin to prevent twisting and spinning in the rod holder. The pins are removable so that a longer rod butt, like those found on spinning rods, can seat deeper into the rod holder.

Q: Can I fish out of your rod holders?
A: Rod Holders should only be used for rod storage. If you’re looking to fish out of one of our products, we recommend the Heavy Duty Trolling Unit.


Approx. 10" tall, 4.5" wide, extends 5" from the surface when mounted.

Powered by (2) powerful 120lb pull-strength rated 4.5" vacuum mounts.

Precision-machined PVC rod tube.

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