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SeaSucker's innovative vacuum mount technology attaches racks to cars, marine accessories to boats and more - without damaging surfaces.

What is SeaSucker?

Let’s get one thing out of the way: SeaSuckers are vacuum mounts, not suction cups. There’s a big difference between the two.

Each 6″ SeaSucker Vacuum mount is pull rated at over 210 Ibs! We’d like to see a suction cup that could pack that kind of punch. Suction cups also lack one incredibly important safety feature: the indicator band. SeaSucker’s orange indicator band begins to appear once the vacuum mount loses some of its suction, letting you know it’s time to re-pump well before it detaches.

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The outdoors, the gear and the cars and boats that get us there. Our mission is to provide our customers with innovative solutions so they can bring their favorite gear along on any adventure, without having to drill holes in their boat or mount something permanently to their car.